Glomex Marine Antennas USA will attend the following 2019 US Boat Shows

Glomex Marine Antennas USA, the US-based company selling marine and mobile communication antennas, their accessories and entertainment systems, will be exhibiting at the following 2019 Boat Shows:

  • NMEAInternational Marine Electronics Conference and Expo – Portsmouth, VA, September 16-20th, 2019 – booth #37
  • IBEX– Tampa FL, October 1-3rd, 2019 – booth #3-1843

By attending these shows, we will be able to show the market the value innovative products that will make a difference in the boating industry and the experience on the water.

For Glomex Marine Antennas USA, the marine market is an extremely exciting challenge that we look forward to enhancing and to fulfil our obligation to the industry, we will be specifically showing the following new and innovative products:

  • weBBoat® 4G Plus: the most complete 3G/4G/Wi-Fi coastal internet system solution, with versatile App and solid firmware to ensure fast internet speeds and stable connections up to approximately 20 miles from shore. The system can accommodate Dual SIMS for extended use and expandability.
  • ZigBoat®: the 2019 Boating Industry Top Product is the ZigBee®/WiFi 100% wireless system for monitoring and interacting with your boat via the Glomex App. ensuring safety and peace of mind with no subscription or monthly fees. The ZigBoat™ consists of a core module (Gateway) and a series of standard and optional sensors that can be added to your specific needs. Thanks to ZigBee® and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, which have direct communication with onboard sensors without the need for a cloud, ZigBoat™ sends real-time push notifications when critical events occur.
  • CamBoat™: the new real-time Wi-Fi HD IP security camera that allows you to monitor the area remotely wherever you are and at any time via the free iOS and Android App, with no cloud neither subscription, using am encrypted 1-to-1 (peer-to-peer) connection
  • Nashira AGC: with a limited lifetime warranty and FULL HD/DVB-T2, this TV antenna has it all including a revolutionary new amplifier that automatically adjusts the gain to have the best possible TV reception both on and off the water. It can even feed two TV’s and independently control the gain for each.
  • Glomeasy: the most versatile and comprehensive antenna system available in the market that can be customized for any boat or mounting consideration. Pick your frequency, coax, connector, and mount for a completely customized installation.
  • VHF antennas & their accessories: the most complete range of antennas and accessories with limited lifetime warranties that meet the needs and expectations of those who require ultra-high-quality products and exceptional performance for their boating experience.

Please visit us at these Boat Shows to discover the best and most innovative products in the marine market!