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GLOMEX is a member of the NMEA and the NMMA and have been selling their products in North America for over 30 years with positive results.
Glomex is one of the only antenna manufacturer that offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on most of their antennas and accessories. The company has a culture of customer care and a passion for innovation and Chris Catoe, who has been appointed sales director and his team will carry on this tradition.

With Glomex you are never alone on the water!

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Glomex is the best in Marine Antennas

Celebrating 30 years of distribution in the US


3G/4G Wi-Fi COASTAL INTERNET Dual Sim system to surf the web up to approximately 20 miles from the coast and share internet with up to 32 users. weBBoat 4G Plus is managed by a dedicated App available on AppStore & Google Play.


14″ DVB-T2 TV FULL HD marine Omnidirectional Antenna. The most popular in the USA since 1997, installed by the major boat builders. It celebrates the 30th anniversary with the new exclusive AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL amplifier to receive perfect signals anywhere/anytime.


ZigBoat™ is an innovative wireless system for monitoring and interacting with your boat either remotely or while on board ensuring safety and peace of mind with no subscription or monthly fees. The ZigBoat™  consists of a core module (Gateway) and a series of standard and optional sensors that can be added to your specific needs. Thanks to ZigBee and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, which have direct communication with onboard sensors without the need for a cloud, ZigBoat™ sends real-time push notifications when critical events occur. Using the ZigBoat™ app, you can check boat information that is being monitored by the system.


All Glomeasy VHF / FM / AIS / DAB marine antennas have a special FME fast fitting termination which allows quick and easy installation of the antenna. Each Glomeasy coax cable does not need to be altered as it is terminated on each end with a professional grade, high quality and rugged FME connector that does not need to be soldered. Moreover, The Glomeasy Fast Fitting connection is waterproof so it ensures the best possible connection and performance from the antenna to the radio. Glomeasy is a range of single components that can be assembled together to create a completely customizable solution for any application and unlike other fast fitting systems, does not require a specific mount to be used.


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