The key to an effective VHF radio system is a quality antenna that delivers maximum transmission and reception range. The RA1225HP 8′ Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna from Glomex Marine Antennas features innovative engineering and robust construction that provide years of trouble-free service. I t’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

With a frequency range of 156/162 MHz, the RA1225HP collinear phased antenna has a gain average of 6dB, maximum input power of 100W and 50 ohms impedance. Vertically polarized to minimize signal ref lection on the water, it’s ideal for inland, coastal and offshore vessels.

The internal elements of the Glomex RA1225HP antenna are made of spiral copper wires inserted into brass radiator tubes. This is what provides its astounding range, clarity and power to enhance the radio’s overall performance.

Weighing only 1.6 lbs., the double-thick fiberglass tube has a smooth polyurethane finish with five layers of anti-yellowing paint. The 1″ ferrule on the RA1225HP is cast 316 stainless steel with an integrated feed-thru.

I t comes with 20′ of RG-8X low loss, twin screen coax cable with a prewired FME connector and PL-259 adapter for simple connection.

To reduce the cost of mailing an oversized container, some competitors reduced the length of their antennas, necessitating a change to its UPC code; others simply increased the MSRP. In contrast, Glomex introduced an innovative 95″ shipping tube that completely protects the 8′ antenna and avoids extra fees without any change to its price. The Glomex RA1225HP 8′ Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna costs $185..ZigBoat starts at $999.

Contact Glomex Marine Antennas USA, Corp., 1825 St Julian Place, Ste. F1A, Columbia, SC 29204. 803-722-7296. info@glomex.us; www.glomex.us.