Many web-based video surveillance systems rely on shared cloud servers, opening the door to curious eyes and worse, hackers. Glomex Marine Antennas’ new CamBoat™ Wi-Fi High-Definition IP Security Camera uses an encrypted 1-to-1 connection, so privacy is ensured 100%. Using the free Android or iOS app, owners can see and hear what’s going on above deck or below in real-time, 24/7—even in the dark. When not online, it has built-in motion-activated recording capabilities for added security.

IP65-rated, CamBoat is built for a wet marine environment and temperature extremes between 14°–122° F. Its 720p HD–1 MP camera boasts an 80° field of view. With infra-red night vision, it can see up to 50′ away.

CamBoat has an integrated motion sensor. When it detects movement, it automatically records audio and video onto the built-in SD card.

Due to its wide field of view and diminutive size of only 3.5″ round by 3.3″ high, it’ l l f it almost anyplace. This makes mounting it in the most advantageous location easy.

Truly plug-and-play, the camera is simple to set up. Using the CamBoat or ZigBoat app, the device is easily connected to a high-speed Wi- Fi signal . There are no subscription or monthly fees. I t uses a 12VDC power supply and has a maximum draw of 230mA. Glomex CamBoat costs $199.

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